Best Financial Advisor Firms West Virginia 2022

With the latest Trust Algorithm update, we're thrilled to recognize the 2022 Top 30 Financial Advisor Firms in West Virginia. enables Americans to quickly research and compare the backgrounds of more than 650,000 individuals and 17,000 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) from across the country. The 30 best firms, with at least one office in West Virginia, were selected using our rigorous Trust Algorithm, which sorts through more than 28 million data points from the SEC and FINRA.

Our analysis contains data as of October 01, 2022, and the specific qualifiers for the Top Financial Advisor Firms (RIAs) in West Virginia are as followed:

  • Must be Trusted by
  • Must have an office location in West Virginia.

We applaud these firms for their commitment to fiduciary advice and putting their clients' best interests first. Congratulations!

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Firm Rating Year Registered Minimum Office Locations
Alliance Wealth Strategies 2019 View Locations
Anthony Investment Management 2012 View Locations
Arbor Point Advisors 2012 View Locations
Axxcess Wealth Management 2012 View Locations
BKD Wealth Advisors 1999 View Locations
Bianco Capital Management 2019 View Locations
Buckingham Strategic Wealth 2007 View Locations
Bullseye Investment Management 2021 View Locations
Concord Wealth Partners 2014 View Locations
Csenge Advisory Group 2011 View Locations
Cunningham Wealth Management 2012 View Locations
Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors 2000 View Locations
Fort Henry Capital 2016 View Locations
Founders Financial Alliance 2016 View Locations
Hoxton Planning & Management 2022 View Locations
Ironwood Wealth Management 2004 View Locations
JA Investment Management 2018 View Locations
LOC Investment Advisers 1982 View Locations
Lexington Financial Advisors 2017 View Locations
McKinley Carter Wealth Services 2005 View Locations
Mission:Advice 2019 View Locations
NTV Asset Management 2000 View Locations
Potter & Spano Financial Group 2011 View Locations
River Wealth Advisors 2014 View Locations
Rohr Capital Management 2018 View Locations
Shrader Wealth Advisors 2012 View Locations
Southland Equity Partners 2010 View Locations
SteelOaks Investment Advisers 1998 View Locations
United Brokerage Services 2015 View Locations
WNA Wealth Management 2018 View Locations

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