About Us

Investor.com was founded under the belief that transparency can help Americans make better decisions about who manages their wealth.

We believe in fiduciary advice

When your financial advisor or broker acts as a fiduciary, they put your best interests first, not their own wallets. Sadly, the average American doesn’t know if they are being provided unbiased advice or being sold an expensive financial product. We set out to change that in 2018.

Introducing Trust Score

We’ve scoured through thousands of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) marketing brochures and disclosure fine print to build an easy to understand rating and ranking system we call, Trust Score.

To date, we’ve collected over 250,000 data points on the financial planning industry. Using this data, our Trust Score algorithm automatically scores each firm 1 - 99 for overall trustworthiness, then surfaces the most important highlights and considerations that Americans should know.

No referral fees

Scoring is completely objective and 100% unbiased. At investor.com, we do not make a penny off referrals and we’ve excluded all banner advertising, pop-up ads, and referral buttons on purpose.

So how do we make money? If a firm wants to share our printable Trust Score reports with their own clients, they pay us a small licensing fee.

We are Millennials

Our parent company, Reink Media Group, is privately owned and operated. Headquartered in Detroit, MI, we’ve helped over 17 million visitors since our inception in 2009.

Our unbiased research has been referenced on earnings calls, national TV commercials, US Senate hearings, and throughout the web.

Join our mission

With over $40 trillion in assets under management across the United States, Americans deserve to have access to financial planning and ongoing portfolio management services they can trust.

Next time you see a financial advisor, ask the question

“What’s your Trust Score?”

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