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November 07, 2023

Investor.com is a website that aims to serve Americans as a trusted resource for all things personal finance. It was founded in 2018 as a consumer advocacy project focused on researching and comparing financial advisors. The site is owned by Reink Media Group, LLC, a privately held Michigan-based company founded in February 2009.

To help Americans research and compare financial advisors, co-founders Blain and Brandon Reinkensmeyer spearheaded the creation of investor.com’s Trust Algorithm. The investor.com team downloaded thousands of regulatory filings from the SEC, collecting over 500,000 data points on financial advisory firms in the U.S., and built a powerful tool using that data that today rates more than 17,000 firms. The Trust Algorithm, updated monthly with fresh regulatory data, helps thousands of Americans research and compare financial advisors.

Today, investor.com has grown to include robust tools and personal-finance content produced by a world-class team of experts. Our data-based reviews, guides, comparisons and tools put the information readers need to make smart money decisions into their hands, with topics including how to work with financial advisors, plan for retirement, invest, manage credit, choose a credit card and find a high-yield savings account.

Powerful tools based on data

In addition to the financial advisor search tool, the investor.com team created a unique, customizable calculator for researching and choosing credit cards for both personal and small-business use.

On many other websites, such credit card finders actively promote cards the site is paid to recommend, without regard for whether the card is truly an appropriate financial product for the reader. Investor.com’s cashback calculator is the first of its kind, taking into account annual fees, bonus rates, rewards caps — and, most importantly, users’ actual monthly spending — to provide Americans with a true apples-to-apples comparison of their cashback credit card options.

Putting people first

Since its inception, investor.com has been about helping consumers: creating a space where individuals can find fair, thoughtful, informed and unbiased information about personal-finance products and services. The company is privately owned and 100% bootstrapped. That means companies — whether a financial advisor firm, credit card company, bank or other firm — cannot pay for preferential coverage on investor.com. People come first, before profits.

Investor.com is now also recognized as a Certified B Corporation™. Parent company Reink Media Group earned its B Corp certification in October 2022 after undergoing a rigorous in-depth review of the effect of the company’s operations and business model on its workers, community, customers, and the environment by B Lab, a nonprofit network that certifies B Corporations.

Who we are

Investor.com is wholly owned by Reink Media Group, LLC (RMG), a privately held Michigan based company founded in February 2009. RMG's mission is to provide financial education and advice that puts people first before profits. As a Certified B Corporation, we adhere to the high, independently verified standards of social and environmental performance and public transparency. Primary holdings include investor.com, StockBrokers.com, ForexBrokers.com, and BrokerNotes.co. For more information, visit ReinkMedia.com.

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