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Brighton Jones, registered in 2000, serves 32 state(s) with a licensed staff of 106 advisors. Brighton Jones manages $8.4 billion and provides investment advisory services for 2,272 clients (1:22 advisor/client ratio).

Firm Information

Summary Firm
Overall Rating
Minimum Investment $800,000
Average Client Balance $3,716,222
Total AUM $8.4 billion
Fee Range For wealth management services, Brighton Jones charges clients based on a percentage of AUM. This rate ranges from 0.35% to 1.25% of total AUM, depending on factors such as the level of AUM, the complexity and level of services provided, and anticipated future assets.
Advisor / Client Ratio 1:22
Languages Offered English
Specialities Investment Management, Tax & Estate Planning, Philanthropic Advisory, & Real Estate Advisory
Clientele Works primarily with clients residing in the United States.
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Phone Number 206-258-5000
Headquarters Seattle, WA
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Twitter brighton_jones_
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SEC Filings View SEC IAPD CRD #108601

Investment Philosophy

At Brighton Jones, our investment philosophy is based on human psychology, deep knowledge of financial theory, a keen awareness of history, and a focus on current events. Our investment principles are aimed at managing risk and combining asset classes efficiently and cost-effectively. When we put them into practice, we allocate assets guided by sound judgment and informed by your personal goals.

Disciplinary Questions

After checking the disciplinary records of Brighton Jones, our system found no disciplinary questions to ask. Checks take place monthly.

Conflict Questions

After checking the regulatory records of Brighton Jones, our system has identified the following question(s) to ask. Learn more.

Regulatory disclosures state that Brighton Jones sells proprietary investments and products. Please provide me a list of the products and a summary of how much Brighton Jones earns from them.

Brighton Jones recommends proprietary investments and products that could generate larger commissions than other similar non-proprietary products. This could also limit the number and diversity of investment options available to you and may impact their transferability. Do not be afraid to ask how much they will earn from the product or what other non-proprietary options are available.

Does Brighton Jones recommend securities that it or its affiliates underwrite, or in which it serves as general or managing partner? Will any of my assets be invested in those products?

Brighton Jones recommends securities that they may have recently taken public or otherwise have controlling interest over. This relationship could introduce bias where a firm and its advisors may push those products over others that may have a more favorable performance with which they are not affiliated.

Which securities does Brighton Jones trade for itself that it will also be recommending to me?

Brighton Jones has marked in their disclosures that they trade recommended securities. While this often can be seen as "eating your own cooking," there are several inherent conflicts that can arise. For example, front running is when a financial professional buys or sell securities ahead of their client. In short, any financial professional should disclose all positions they hold (or have sold short) that they will also be recommending to you.

Our system found no other conflict questions to ask. Checks take place monthly.

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Disciplinary History

An important aspect of the Trust Algorithm is processing the SEC Form ADV Part 1 filing of each Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). “Item 11 Disclosure Information” contains a list of valuable disclosures that are relevant for Americans.

As identified in SEC Form ADV Part 1, Item 11 “Disclosure Information”, the Trust Algorithm identified the following disciplinary disclosures for Brighton Jones:


Unfortunately, there is no single, uniform pricing standard for working with a financial advisor. Catchphrases, including "fee-only," can be helpful; however, Americans often get confused with competitors promoting "fee-based" in response.

Ultimately, to understand the underlying costs of advisory services, we always recommend asking for an itemized fees breakdown and reading the firm's ADV Part 2 Brochure (Item 5, "Fees and Compensation").

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