Allred Capital Management

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Last updated: February 17th, 2020. Data source: SEC filings.

Allred Capital Management, federally registered in 2018, is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 14 state(s) with a licensed staff of 3 advisors. Allred Capital Management manages $286.2 million and provides investment advisory services for 328 clients (1:110 advisor/client ratio). This firm does not have a disciplinary history.


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Firm Information

Feature Value
Rank (United States) Not Ranked
Advisors Directory View Directory
Avg Advisor Years Registered 22
Percentage of Advisors Trusted 100%
Minimum Investment $0
Average Client Balance $872,649
Total AUM $286.2 million
Advisor / Client Ratio 1:110
Headquarters Dallas, TX
SEC Filings View SEC IAPD CRD #297533
State(s) Registered AL, CA, CT, FL, IL, LA, ME, MS, NJ, NC, OK, TN, TX, VA

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