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Top 10 TikTok Finance Influencers

Jessica Inskip

Written by Jessica Inskip
Reviewed by Blain Reinkensmeyer
Edited by Carolyn Kimball

March 13, 2024

I’ll admit it, TikTok has democratized financial education, making learning about the stock market literally a scroll away. I've dedicated countless hours to sifting through the treasure trove of finance TikTok videos, all in pursuit of “finfluencers” worth your follow. My selections are all about quality content, not on some algorithm or how many followers these finfluencers have.

Join me as I introduce you to the TikTok Finfluencers who've mastered the art of simplifying finance for all. This is the ultimate list of accounts you should follow, whether you're just starting out or already a stock market pro.

Cue the drumroll and dramatic sound effects…

1. @downtownjbrown

TikTok downtownjbrown

The Finfluencer: It’s no surprise coming in at No. 1 is someone I believe is a bona fide finance expert — Josh Brown. He's not just a content creator; he's a registered investment advisor, verified here. You can catch him on CNBC, where he graciously bestows his knowledge to the masses. He's also a co-host of the “Compound and Friends” podcast – a must-listen!

The Channel: Josh's TikTok channel is a treasure trove of financial wisdom. He primarily repurposes content from his podcast, where he leads conversations with highly sought-after experts from the financial industry. You'll get regular updates on the stock market, invaluable stock and fund analysis, and the chance to witness engaging (by that I mean heated) discussions and debates.

The Proof: I love all of Josh’s content, but one particular video of his caught my attention. It delves into parabolic shifts in technology (yes, I’m talking about investing in AI) and their profound impact on the labor market. It's not just about the buzz surrounding AI; it offers a deep and thought-provoking perspective that's applicable to the market today.

2. @madymills

TikTok madymills

The Finfluencer: Let's talk about someone with extensive industry experience who I find truly remarkable, Mady Mills. She's not your average TikTok creator; she's a former Bloomberg anchor and currently a multimedia reporter and on-air host for Yahoo Finance … who also makes great TikTok content.

The Channel: I absolutely adore Mady's channel. It's like having a personal stock market expert giving you updates while she gets ready for work or during breaks. Her TikTok channel is a delightful blend of financial insights and "get ready with me" videos. When I watch her, it feels like I'm getting a backstage pass to her life. Mady breaks down current stock market events, compiles lists, and uses #greenscreens to offer detailed explanations, complete with up-to-date data.

But what truly sets Mady apart is her dedication to building a vibrant community. She actively engages with her audience and goes the extra mile to answer their questions, even dedicating entire videos to responding to queries. It's an invaluable resource for anyone looking to dive deep into financial topics.

The Proof: This one is sooooo good! Check out Mady's #greenscreened list video in which she breaks down deflation. Not only does she explain deflation, but she also delves into the historical context and its relevance in the current economic environment. What a gem.

3. @humphreytalks

TikTok humphreytalks

The Finfluencer: You've probably come across the name Humphrey Yang before. What you’ll find with Humphrey is a unique blend of experiences that make his content truly special. Humphrey was a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch for a year (I personally verified his licenses) and an investment banking intern. But before diving into content creation, Humphrey dabbled in gaming and even took a shot at entrepreneurship.

The Channel: This channel is full of financial wisdom that goes beyond the stock market. There are money and credit card hacks along with some priceless budgeting tips. Humphrey also delves into individual stocks and companies, but he keeps it high-level and super informative. Because, let's face it, to teach the stock market, you've got to have knowledge that goes beyond just passive investments (although passive investing is a great strategy too, just saying).

The Proof: I absolutely loved one of his videos where he breaks down the concept of “lazy investing” using an example portfolio built with ETFs. In that video, he drops some pearls of wisdom on the importance of balancing risk — seriously, it's key!

4. @mainstreetwolf

TikTok mainstreetwolf

The Finfluencer: Let me introduce you to the wizard behind this TikTok account: Collin Miciunas. He's got years of experience as a financial analyst, according to his LinkedIn; and it shows, as he explains stuff like free cash flow and valuation like a boss. He's been cooking up financial content for a while now.

The Channel: On Collin's channel, he took me on a journey through what he calls a "public portfolio." It's refreshingly transparent as he shares his investments and breaks them down for you. The vibe definitely screams financial analyst. He dives into forward P/E ratios, free cash flow, and valuation — and don't worry, you get to see his screen as he goes through it all. He also does this for the overall market, which is super important when you're learning about its complexities.

The Proof: Collin caught my attention when he made the statement that the stock market might be overvalued. Collin dove deep into the details and backed it up with some data-driven insights. It's data-driven analysis, and I'm all here for it.

5. @sumitinvestmenttakes

TikTok sumitsinvestmenttakes

The Finfluencer: Meet Sumit – he’s all about that one-name fame, just like Beyoncé. Like most of these financial influencers, he has a newsletter that you can subscribe to. In it, he shares nuanced insights with a balanced perspective on topics related to business, investing, and the economy.

The Channel: Sumit's approach is crystal clear — he's all about giving you the facts so you can make informed decisions. He's asking some relevant questions like "What's up with interest rates?" The best part is that he breaks down these complex topics in a way that's incredibly easy to understand. His content covers a wide range of great stuff, from discussions about the market and its impacts to bonds, stocks, the economy, and investing. It's just as he says — balanced.

The Proof: Here's why I'm a fan: Sumit's explanation of the yield curve was on point. He could have simply said, "The yield curve is inverted," but he goes above and beyond, explaining how it works and how it relates to Treasurys and the growing government debt. It’s flawless, and I appreciate the clarity.

6. @calltoleap

TikTok calltoleap

The Finfluencer: Here we have Steve Chen. Steve's journey is quite the story – he introduces himself as a former public schoolteacher who evolved into a self-taught financial literacy enthusiast and states he’s a self-made millionaire. He's made a wholehearted dedication to finance and transitioned into a full-time content creator.

The Channel: Steve's channel is full of variety, and it's got that unmistakable teacher vibe. He takes you on a journey through his investments and discusses the power of ETFs for diversification, all presented at a high level. But the real gem here is the range of content and guidance you'll discover. From tips on opening a brokerage account to explaining different account types for self-directed investors, Steve's got it all.

The Proof: What I love about Steve is his timeliness. He recently reminded us that we still have the chance to open a Roth IRA by the tax deadline, and he walked us through the limits at a high level. It's this kind of relevant and practical insight that makes following him worthwhile.

7. @alexisanddean

TikTok alexisanddean

The Finfluencer: Here’s an incredible duo who also happen to be a married couple: Alexis and Dean. According to their channel, Dean has a background as a commercial banker and CFO. Alexis brings her fantastic marketing skills and vibrant personality to the mix. Together, they create terrific, well-rounded content. Dean takes on the role of the investing veteran, while Alexis is the one asking all the questions.

The Channel: What's got me absolutely hooked is their content structure. Alexis throws questions at Dean about the stock market, or queries from their users, and Dean steps up to answer. It's like a dynamic conversation where Dean sometimes grabs his notepad and dives into explanations, complete with graphs. They even share books and resources they come across, all in the name of spreading financial literacy.

The Proof: One particular moment that stands out to me was Dean talking about seasonality. As a technician at heart, this really had me cheering! They tackled the question of what we can expect from an election year, and Dean delved deep into the data. Check it out!



The Finfluencer: Here we have Taylor Mitchell, who has a marketing and content creation background, according to her LinkedIn. She’s on a mission to make finance feel like a chat with your best friend – approachable, engaging, and relatable for everyone.

The Channel: When I dive into Taylor's channel, it genuinely feels like I'm having a friendly chat with my bestie about the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. I've got to give it to her; she's also a master video editor. Her polished videos, combined with insightful content, make for a really enjoyable watch. She covers a wide range of topics, from different types of brokerage accounts to the power of compound interest when it comes to growing your wealth. And let's not forget her discussions on a variety of ETFs. If you're in the mood for finance wisdom served up by your virtual best friend with a sprinkle of humor, Taylor's got you covered!

The Proof: Here's where Taylor truly shines. Check out this video where I learned just how much money I'd need to save and invest each month to retire as a millionaire using the S&P 500. Past performance is not indicative of future results. (This is a finance joke – IYKYK)

9. @joyeeyang0

TikTok joyeeyang0

The Finfluencer: Get ready to meet Joyee Yang! Joyee is based in Canada, but also brings us insights for the U.S. side of the brokerage world. Joyee is that relatable young investor who's all about transparency and making investing a breeze, especially for beginners. Joyee says she got into the budgeting mindset at 20 years old and has really focused on increasing her financial literacy and sharing that journey on social media.

The Channel: Joyee's channel is a wealth of content (get it? “wealth”), and the vibe is super relatable. It feels like having a chat with a BFF who's got your back. She doesn't just tell me what ETFs she's buying and why; she also dives into aspects of the market overall and individual stocks. But here's what I absolutely adore about Joyee's content – she defines terms every time she uses them. She doesn't assume you're a finance whiz, and that's what makes her so relatable. So, if you're looking for an investing pal who keeps it real and breaks down finance jargon, Joyee's channel is the place to be!

The Proof: This video had me hooked. Joyee walked us through how much she raked in through dividends in a single month. She didn't just tell us; she showed us the numbers and explained what dividends are and where they were coming from. Investing can be a bit overwhelming, but Joyee has this magical way of making it all feel so much more manageable.

10. @austinhankwitz

TikTok austinhankwitz

The Finfluencer: Last and definitely not least, it's Austin Hankwitz. With a degree in finance and economics, Austin's heart beats for the self-directed investor. The passion shines through, Austin! But here's what I love – he's not solely an academic. He's the co-host of the podcast “Rich Habits” and a full-time content creator.

The Channel: Austin's channel is like having that older brother you wish you had, the one who's there to guide you through the financial jungle. He's your go-to source for updates on the economy, the market, and major news. What's truly awesome is how he practices transparency by sharing his portfolio, complete with stocks and active/passive funds. You'll also find a treasure trove of information on account types and some nifty tips and tricks he's picked up along his journey as a successful entrepreneur. And he doesn't stop there; he even dives into profit margins and free cash flow. Austin’s channel is a goldmine of wisdom for anyone looking to navigate the world of finance with confidence.

The Proof: Here's a video that really caught my eye — Austin's breakdown of his no-brainer stock ideas for 2024. He goes into detail about his stock picks and why he's all in on them. And the icing on the cake is that he delves into free cash flow, something that's become even more crucial now that we're in a higher interest rate environment.

What is a financial influencer?

A financial influencer is an individual who leverages social media platforms to create content related to finance. This content can cover a wide range of topics, including strategies for growing wealth, budgeting, insights into stock market dynamics, analysis of specific stocks, funds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The degree of influence a financial influencer holds is often measured by the size and engagement of their social media following. These influencers are often referred to as “finfluencers.”

Are finance influencers legit?

Many finance influencers are legitimate sources of financial information and education. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and be discerning when following financial influencers, particularly when it comes to investment advice. Here are some important considerations:

  1. Check for licenses: If an influencer claims to be a registered investment advisor or financial professional, you can verify their licenses and credentials through FINRA's BrokerCheck or similar regulatory agencies. This can help confirm their legitimacy.
  2. Be wary of product promotion: Consider the products or services the influencer promotes. If their income is primarily derived from promoting specific financial products, be aware that their recommendations may be influenced by financial incentives. Always assess whether their advice aligns with your financial goals and needs.
  3. Do your own research: Even when following legitimate finance influencers, it's essential to conduct your research and seek multiple sources of information. No single influencer should be your sole source of financial guidance.

Can influencers give financial advice?

Financial influencers typically do not provide personalized financial advice. Their content is designed for a broad audience and does not take into account the individual circumstances of their viewers. When you seek financial advice, it's essential to consult with a qualified financial advisor who can assess your unique situation, including factors like income, debt, savings, current investments, and risk tolerance.

Financial advisors work closely with clients to develop personalized financial plans. Some financial influencers may be registered investment advisors who offer individualized financial guidance, but this advice is typically not provided through social media platforms. Additionally, it's important to note that individuals with certain financial licenses, such as a Series 7 license for registered financial representatives, are generally not permitted to provide financial advice on social media due to regulatory restrictions. The field of finance is highly regulated, and personalized financial guidance should always be sought from qualified professionals.


To be eligible for inclusion in this list, individuals must have posted a qualifying video within the six months leading up to the time of consideration, and finance content must include coverage of U.S. stock markets. Each content creator was evaluated based on the ability to effectively explain financial topics and the extent of the content covered. This encompassed a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to funds, stocks, budgeting, strategies for growing wealth, discussions on stock market events, analysis of economic events, and insights into self-directed investing. The evaluation process aimed to identify influencers who not only provided valuable insights but also demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of diverse financial subjects.

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