Our Mission

Launched in 2018, our mission is to serve Americans as a trusted resource for researching and comparing financial advisors.

We believe in fiduciaries

When your financial advisor acts as a fiduciary, they are serving you as a doctor or lawyer would.

Sadly, not all financial advisors are fiduciaries. Worse yet, most Americans don’t know if they are being provided unbiased advice or being sold an expensive financial product.

Introducing The Trust Algorithm


To help Americans, we downloaded thousands of regulatory filings from the SEC, collecting over 500,000 data points in total.

Using that regulatory data, we then built an algorithm that surfaces questions to ask each financial firm, and more importantly, why. Firms can also be rated by the algorithm to apply for our "Trusted by" badge. Learn more.

A consumer advocacy project doesn't accept payments for referrals, nor do we sell visitor data to the highest bidder. We also refuse to sell banner advertisements, and our tools do not require private, personal information to be used.

Our mantra is simple: people before profits.

Trusted experts

Since 2009, Reink Media Group's (RMG) network of financial websites have helped over 17 million visitors.

RMG research has been referenced on earnings calls, national TV commercials, US Senate hearings, and across the web. Meet the team.

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With over $40 trillion in assets under management across the United States, Americans deserve to have a financial advisor they can trust. View supporters.

Next time you see a financial advisor, ask the question,

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