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A detailed fees assessment to identify potential conflicts of interest:

1. Post checkout, our head of research, Jessica Hoelscher, will send you an email with a secure link to upload your most recent portfolio statement(s) and list your financial advisor’s name (if applicable).

2. Jessica will then hand-check all your holdings for excessive fees alongside the regulatory records of the firm and financial advisor (if applicable).

3. Jessica will provide you a report summarizing any problem areas, including educational and additional resources for how to address them.

Additional services: can also assist with negotiating management fees or finding a new advisor on your behalf (additional fees apply).

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About Jessica Hoelscher

An industry veteran, Jessica entered the financial industry at just 20 years old and previously held her Series 7, 66, 9, 10, 4, and 24 licenses. With a strong belief in fiduciary advice, Jessica left her licenses behind to join and fully dedicate herself to consumer advocacy.

As the Head of Research for, Jessica is responsible for all 28 million data points on the site. Having read thousands of regulatory filings, Jessica created the Trust Algorithm, which uses regulatory data from the SEC and FINRA to rate advisory firms and identify the right questions to ask financial advisors.

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“I have used your site to vet several firms I am considering using for money management. The information is very helpful.” - William P.

“I appreciate the information being available in a concise, well-organized report.” - Janet L.

“I really appreciate the information that the site offers, as it helped us narrow down the wide field of options to just a couple to focus on.” - Chris R.

“I turned the information over to my current investor who was looking closely at the company for potential employment.” - Elaine M.