Is the firm's website secure?

If the website URL begins with “https” instead of “http” the site is secure and your information is passed safely from your browser to the website's server. (1)

Why Website Security Matters

The financial industry is a big target for fraudulent activity and stealing of personal information. Whether or not a firm's website is secure represents a firm's approach to data integrity and handling of confidential information. Client data should be secure and private; protecting login credentials, personal information and financial assets is critical.

Three Layers of HTTPS Protection(2)



Prevents others, known as eavesdroppers, from stealing information provided by users to the website.


Data Integrity

Ensures that data provided was not modified or corrupted during the transfer process.



Verifies that the information provided by users was communicated with the intended website.

Next time you see a financial advisor, ask the question:

"Is your website secure?"

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