Andrew Brian Goodman

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Last updated: February 15th, 2020. Data source: SEC filings, FINRA.

Andrew Brian Goodman is a Investment Advisor at CIC Wealth. Andrew has been registered for 12 years, and is a fiduciary.


Is Andrew Trusted?

According to Andrew's SEC and/or FINRA records, here is a summary of our findings. Note: Individuals must meet all the following regulatory requirements to be Trusted by Learn more.

Requirement Result
Customer Disputes Zero
Terminations Zero
Financial Disclosures Zero
Judgement/Liens Zero
Regulatory Events Zero
Total Years Experience Twelve
Average Employer Duration Four
Trusted by Yes. Learn More.




  • Andrew is an Investment Advisor and fiduciary.
  • Andrew has been registered for 12 years.
  • Andrew has no disclosures on their record.
  • Andrew has no reported terminations.
  • medium

  • Andrew has no reported customer disputes.
  • Andrew has no reported financial disclosures.
  • Andrew has no reported judgments or liens.
  • Andrew has no reported regulatory events.
  • low

  • Andrew has an average registered tenure of 2 years or more.



The Trust algorithm did not surface any considerations for this individual. Checks take place monthly.

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Expanded Information

Feature Value
First Name Andrew
Last Name Goodman
FINRA Active No
SEC Active Yes (View SEC IAPD CRD#2768789)
Office Address 1101 Wotton Parkway Suite 980 Rockville, MD

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